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Production Mill is the Award Winning Cloud-Based Content Production Management System.

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Introducing Production Mill

Not many tools, one tool. Production Mill is built for all members of your production teams to plan, commission, track and deliver great content.

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Drive the Production Workflow

Use out-of-the-box workflow templates or create your own to match your unique production processes. You'll have 100% project visibility from Pre-Production to Delivery.

Capture All Your Production Data

Customisable fields allow you to capture the precise production information and data that your business requires.

Put Your Assets to Work

Finding and repurposing existing content is easy with the in-built Digital Asset Management system. Upload, index, search and view any media type used in your creative output.

Integrated IP & Licensing Management

A simple-to-use Rights Management System is built-in, so your team can capture the licensing rights acquired for all 3rd party content used in your output.

Who is Production Mill for?

Designed for all creative industries, and for any type of output, Production Mill is for any business or organisation that creates media or content.

TV & Movie Studios

One central and organised place for the behind-the-scenes work that goes into TV programme and film making. Commissioning contracts, delivery scheduling, copyright clearances, production metadata capture, generation of cue sheets, contributor lists and copyrighted assets – all made easy with Production Mill.
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Blended Learning, Distance Learning, Digital Delivery, and MOOCs – the education sector is fast changing and highly competitive. To help them consume their learning material, students expect a flexible learning environment, using the latest technologies. Production Mill can manage every step in the production of modern and future educational output.
How it works - Open University Case Study

Production Companies

Bring an end to having your production material scattered all over, on dusty external disks stuck in a cupboard and on those really important USB sticks that you can’t quite remember what you did with. No more Excel spreadsheets tracking milestone and no more misplaced signed contributor forms. Production Mill is the unified platform to manage the production for all of your commissions.
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A Pre-Production platform, a Rights & Permissions platform and an Asset Library in one simple-to-use solution. Identify and design new publications with milestones, users, roles, descriptions of work. Review historical assets and project costs to build budgets for new publications. Reuse existing assets and content to save costs and track licensing rights for newly acquired assets.
How it works - Features

No Hardware Procurement or Setup Required.

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Production Mill runs in the Microsoft Azure Cloud, so you don't have to setup anything technical. No extra hardware is required to be procured through your IT department and there's no upgrades or versions to manage. If everyone in your group has a web browser, then they already have everything they need to start using Production Mill.

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